Last week pathfinders across the South Bahamas Conference Celebrated World Pathfinder Day under the theme “Go with Jesus”. On September 10th, Pathfinder week was launched by the various clubs. The purpose of Pathfinder Week is to create awareness and a culture of mission. During the week, Pathfinders, parents, Counselors, and Directors wore their scarves to school and work. Pathfinders also participated in an online Day of Prayer that reached over 5,000 people.

On Sabbath, September 16th, World Pathfinder Day 2023 was electrifying as Pathfinders ushered, led Sabbath School, sang, and preached in churches across our Conference. Hillview and Living Faith Pathfinder Clubs celebrated Investiture Services which were officiated by Assistant Youth Director Patrick Wilson Jr., and Youth Director Pastor Jamal Franklyn, La Senda De La Vida’s Investiture was conducted by Evelyn Franklyn.

At the Breath of Life Church, Pathfinder Kyle Williamson, shared his thoughts on the occasion. Just as Jesus gained the confidence of many, the Pathfinder Club has given many the assurance of being a safe place that points others to Christ.

The French churches held a combined World Pathfinder Day Convention and Pastor Jamal brought greetings and encouraged the Pathfinders to go with Jesus and grow in Jesus.

The celebration continued in the afternoon beyond the church walls. From 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., clubs impacted their communities by delivering care packages, bread, and water. The Berea Pathfinder Club visited and donated goods to the Mary Ingraham home. The Breath of Life Club delivered bread to the Children’s Emergency Hostel, the Centreville Pathfinder Club to the Centreville community, and Johnson Park Pathfinders to residents in the Chippingham area.

During the day, brave hearts also accepted the call to follow Jesus. the Living Faith Pathfinder Club celebrated with 5 baptisms of Pathfinders.

In the evening. The clubs gathered at the Hillview church for the festival of mission. It was an evening of music, reports, and drama. The festival was filled with talent from the various Pathfinder clubs in New Providence. From the reports given by Pathfinder leaders, it was reported that there were 76 baptisms through the Pathfinder Club Ministry for the year.

The charge was delivered by Dwayne Armbrister from the Good News SDA Church delivered a powerful charge and the service concluded with a lantern ceremony honoring those in the organization who passed this year, including Pathfinder director, Sherry Burrows.

Let us continue to pray for our Pathfinders, parents, Counselors, and Directors as they prepare our youth to go with Jesus when He comes the second time.