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World Pathfinder Day Celebrated

Youth Ministries Pathfinders

Last week pathfinders across the South Bahamas Conference Celebrated World Pathfinder Day under the theme “Go with Jesus”. On September 10th, Pathfinder week was launched by the various clubs. The purpose of Pathfinder Week is to create

Adventurer day celebrated in the conference

Pathfinders Youth Ministries

In the Seventh-day Adventist community, boys and girls from around the world celebrated World Adventurer Day on May 20. Under the theme “A wonderful journey, the adventurers rose to the occasion and took over leadership roles in their respective churches. 

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Masterguides train at camp

Youth Ministries Youth

Under the theme, “Our Example”, The French Youth Ministries department celebrated their Masterguides in training Camp from March 10-12, at Bamivoca, located off Marshall Road. 

World Pathfinder Day

Pathfinders Youth Ministries

Saturday, September 18th is World Pathfinders’ Day. The youth and children around the world will be ministering in our churches so let’s join them in worship...

2nd Annual Pathfinder Virturee

Youth Ministries

From June 25 to 27, the SBC Youth Ministries held its 2nd annual Pathfinder Virturee due to the pandemic. Under the theme, Agents In Action, Pathfinders travelled virtually to Egypt to learn lessons from the life of Joseph...