In the Seventh-day Adventist community, boys and girls from around the world celebrated World Adventurer Day on May 20. Under the theme “A wonderful journey, the adventurers rose to the occasion and took over leadership roles in their respective churches. The children led the congregation in praising and worshiping God through music, drama, and prayer. The children also addressed important topics such as salvation, and Jesus’s second coming. They encouraged those present to continue to be witnesses to family and friends so that their loved ones can also enjoy the gift of eternal life in Jesus.

A special investiture service was held for seven adventurers and five pathfinders at the New Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Jamal Franklyn, South Bahamas Conference Youth Director, distributed special pins to honor those who made the commitment to follow Jesus. During a special appeal, adventurers Olivia Tucker and Branique Ferguson made the decision to be baptized.

In the afternoon, over 100 adventurers and club directors gathered at the Good News church for a joint service. Throughout the service, the adventures were reminded to be followers of Jesus and go wherever he leads them in faith. The children presented a special demonstration of the life of Paul, and his journeys as a missionary for God. During the honor hour, the adventurers had the opportunity to complete assignments to achieve the honors in the adventurer curriculum.

World Adventurer Day is to take place every third sabbath of May so that Adventurers can be a part of the worship service and show their ability to minister to their church and community.