Adventist Bahamas - Pastoral Team



Servant leaders preparing others for the second coming of Jesus.

Below are the photos of active ordained and licensed pastors and chaplain of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as of November 30, 2019.  

Retired pastors not listed who are still living in Nassau are: Hugh Roach, Neville Scavella, John Carey, Royden Hanna, Wilfred Adderley, Howard Barr, Barrington Brennen, Melvin Lewis (retired but still leading a church).  

Bahamian pastors (ordained and commissioned) who served in the conference and are now living and serving abroad or retired are: Pastor Leonard Johnson, Dr. Martin Hanna, Pastor Leslie McMillan Dr. Wendell McMillan, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Pastor Ashton McFall, Pastor Anastacia Bansie, Dr. Keith A. Albury, Dr. Ricardo Bain, Pastor Donald R. Henderson.

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Current Pastors As of November 2019

The Breakdown:

  • Total number of active pastors: 24
  • Total number of active and retired pastors:33
  • Active ordained: 19 (3 of these not assigned to churches)
  • Active Licensed: 7 (With districts)


Retired: 8

 “Go into all the world and preach
the Good News to everyone."
Mark 15:15