The South Bahamas Conference Retirees Association celebrated the memory of a former member on February 29th, 2024. The Retirees Association collaborated with the South Bahamas Conference and unveiled a commemorative plaque of Elizabeth Antonio Moses in the foyer of the Conference Office. Elizabeth Antonio Moses was a stalwart member of the Seventh-day Adventist church and was also celebrated in the country for being a centenarian. Sis. Moss passed away last year on June 22, 2023. She was 104. Dr. John Carey, vice president of SoBCRA, reflected on her life of service in the conference.

Carey said, "Early life, she displayed an empathetic spirit and a strong desire to help others. So a journey of service which spread over 10 decades, touch the lives of many people. The significance of her contributions to human relations in our community is imperishable. Her selflessness and dedication to service has a set a standard that we can all emulate. And so I am pleased that I have had the privilege of relating to her over these many years. Her memory will long linger with us members of SoBRCA until we meet in Christ on the other side."

According to Pastor Kenny Deveaux, South Bahamas Conference President, Sis. Moses was an exemplary worker whose dedication to God’s work should be emulated. 

Deveaux said, "Sister Moses is someone that we loved and worked with, and all that Dr. Carey said is absolutely true. We tell our young workers that they need to pattern their lives after Moses, someone that was dedicated and committed to God‘s work. We were able to just get a little glimpse, a little piece of what sister Moses did in her work here. I think all of us would be better workers."

The family of Sis. Moses also received special flowers as a token of appreciation from the Retirees Association. On behalf of the SBC Media Team, we salute SoBCRA president, Rowena Smith and all the members for their continued work to uplift and motivate its members who have sacrificed for the mission of God.