Union and Conference Sabbath School and Children and Adolescent Ministries (CHAM) leaders, convened in Miami from March 11th to 13th for the Inter-American Division's Sabbath School Training, where the new "Alive in Jesus" Sabbath School curriculum was being introduced.

Representatives from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) were also present at the training session, including ATCU Sabbath School Director Jennifer Kerr, ATCU CHAM Director Dr. Cheryl Rolle, South Bahamas Conference (SBC) Sabbath School Director Pastor Leonardo Rahming, and SBC CHAM Director Kenisha Simms. 

The Alive in Jesus curriculum is designed to introduce children and youth to Jesus through immersive engagement with Bible stories and lessons. ATCU Sabbath School Director Jennifer Kerr added that, “One of the main physiologies of the Sabbath School Department is to teach and nurture children in bible truths. If we do this, they will become attracted to the word of God which will eventually lead to a lasting attraction to God and his church." 

SBC Sabbath School Director Pastor Leonardo Rahming shares now why this curriculum is important. 

Rahming said, "The Alive in Jesus curriculum is so important because we want to see our babies, our children, young people, teens, grow up just like Jesus did. Matthew tells us that he grew in wisdom, in stature and favor with God and man. And so we want to see them develop in every facet of their lives, spiritually, educationally, and morally." 

He continued, "We want to see them develop so they will be good representations of who Jesus is in the community and the church. And so we need to ensure that this curriculum is seen throughout our entire organization, because we want the best from all of our children, youth and teens."

Announced at the session were all divisions within the new curriculum which will not be launched at the same time. SBC CHAM Director Kenisha Simms has more on this. 

Simms remarked, "The new Alive in Jesus curriculum, what they’ve done with it, is now they have different age groups where they've categorized the different divisions of the quarterly. So we’re gonna have our Baby Steps, that’s baby 0 to 12 months, and we have the Beginners ages 1 through 3, Kindergarten which will be ages 4 through 6, we'll have Primary now the age will be 7 through 9, Juniors will be 10 through 12, our Teens will be 13 through 14, and our Youth will be 15 through 18."

Simms went on to say, "I know a lot of persons have been asking because they’ve heard about this new curriculum. When will they roll out? Well, beginning next year the babies and beginners quarterlies will roll out in 2025. You know what I love about this new curriculum, is that the pillars are focusing on character development, grace, and on mission. So next year, we will have our new Alive in Jesus quarterlies in hands, but remember it’s for our babies, and for our beginners."

The primary goal of this curriculum is to intentionally build the faith of children and youth, leading them on a journey into a saving relationship with Jesus. Alive in Jesus is scheduled to launch in 2026 for Kindergarten and Primary, in 2027 for Juniors and Teens, and in 2028 for Youth. GraceLink, the current children’s Sabbath School curriculum, will be phased out.

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