Church members from around the conference convened at the William Thompson auditorium from January 19-20 for an engaging convention under the theme Commissioned for Mission. The event brought together various ministries including, youth, children’s and adolescent ministries, music, and Adventist laymen services and industries. The featured speaker was Pastor Steven Gates of the Southeastern Conference in Florida USA. 

On Friday evening, Gates reminded the attendees of God’s unwavering commitment to go above and beyond to save one lost soul. 

Gates said, "I thank God that God not only loves the majority, but I thank God that God loves the minority. God not only cares about the ones who have stayed, the ninety and nine who never drunk any rum. God is not only concerned about the ninety and nine who have stayed, but God is concerned about the one who has strayed.

The convention continued Sabbath with the Bahamas Academy faculty staff and students, who hosted the sabbath school program. The divine service was filled with songs of praise and powerful prayers as the worshippers filled the auditorium. During the convention, the congregation was also officially introduced to Pastor Analful Angila, who will serve the Johnson Park and New Englerston churches, and Pastor Moise Arboite, who will serve the Haitian-creole-speaking churches. 

Pastor Gates presented another powerful sermon and appealed to those wanting to grow closer to Christ. Gates’ sermon highlighted God’s mercy towards us as he provides us with multiple opportunities to choose him. 

Gates said, "I thank God that the Bible says, in Hebrews 13:8, that Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. And I don’t care if you’re a 'Chapter 1 Jonah' and you're a 'Chapter 2 Jonah'. If there’s somebody here today, you that want God to change his mind because you don’t want to change your ways, but God says you got to realize in your 'Chapter 3' that my word will not change. 


Not to be left out of the festivities on the weekend, the children and adolescent ministries, CHAM Convention unfolded at the Living Faith SDA Church under the theme "Children in Mission". The event featured a tailored program template aimed at nurturing age-appropriate services and activities for both children and adolescents. 

The Children's Church, resonating with the theme "I Will Go: Children in Mission," embraced an engaging schedule. The day kicked off with the spirited chant "Jesus and me, I will go," setting the tone for an empowering experience. The Bible story of the day, focusing on "The Boy Jesus in the Temple," captivated young hearts and minds, emphasizing the significance of their spiritual journey. 

Memorizing the verse Luke 2:49, children immersed themselves in the scriptures while enjoying various breakout stations including craft sessions, the science/imaginary station which fostered curiosity, and music and games. 

Simultaneously, the Adolescent Program, catering to Juniors and Eary teens, centered around the theme "BOOT Camp (Building On Our Testimonies) – Family." Grounded in the Bible text Joshua 24:15, the program underscored the importance of family dynamics, highlighting the beauty and challenges inherent in familial bonds. 

Juniors and Adolescents alike participated in dynamic icebreakers, fervent praise worship, a focused prayer station, and a compelling call for commitment. The convention emphasized not only spiritual growth but also the importance of fostering strong connections within families as a foundation for their collective mission. 

The Living Faith SDA Church reverberated with youthful energy and spiritual fervor as children and adolescents eagerly embraced their role in the mission.

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