Do you know that “Little hearts can minister for a BIG God”? Yes, they can! The Children’s and Adolescent Ministries Department (C.H.A.M) of the South Bahamas Conference (SBC) is excited to have thes e powerful words as its theme.

C.H.A.M’s is an essential part of the church as it plays a crucial role in nurturing the spiritual growth of the next generation of believers. The Bible teaches us that children are a gift from God, and we are responsible for guiding them in their faith journey.

Through C.H.A.M, we create an environment where they can learn about God, develop a personal relationship with Him, grow in their faith, and realize that they, too, are disciples who can “go” and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

One of the main reasons why C.H.A.M is important in the Seventh-day Adventist church is because it provides a safe and nurturing space for children and adolescents to learn about God. As they grow and develop, they are exposed to various ideas and beliefs that can shape their worldview.

C.H.A.M provides a framework for understanding the Bible and its teachings, helping children & adolescents to develop a strong foundation in their faith. This can help them navigate life's challenges and uncertainties and make informed decisions that align with their values and beliefs.

In addition, the C.H.A.M’s Department also helps to build a sense of community among young believers. By participating in activities such as Sabbath school, vacation Bible school, and children & youth camps, our young ones can connect with peers who share their beliefs and values. This sense of community can be invaluable in helping young children and older ones to feel supported and connected to their faith.

Furthermore, C.H.A.M provides children and young people opportunities to develop essential life skills. They can learn about teamwork, leadership, and compassion through activities such as music, drama, and service projects. These skills can be beneficial not only in their spiritual lives but also in their personal and professional lives as they grow older.

Another critical aspect of C.H.A.M in SBC is its focus on teaching adolescents and children healthy and balanced lifestyles. The Bible emphasizes the importance of caring for our bodies, minds, and spirits, which is reflected in the children’s and adolescents' ministry programs. By teaching our children and adolescents about healthy eating, exercise, and rest, we can help them to develop habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Children’s and Adolescent Ministries Department believes that “little hearts can indeed minister for a BIG God” and is aimed at encouraging members to realize that this ministry is a vital component of the church. C.H.A.M’s is aimed at providing a safe and nurturing space for all to learn about God, develop a sense of community, build essential life skills, and invest in the spiritual growth and well-being of the next generation of believers.

By supporting and participating in the Children’s and Adolescent Ministries Department, we as a church can help to ensure that our children and adolescents have a strong foundation in their faith and are equipped to live meaningful and fulfilling lives with their “little hearts ministering for a BIG God.”

--Kenisha Simms, South Bahamas Conference CHAM Director