As The Bahamas celebrates National Youth Month, under the theme, “Youth: Excellence is the Standard”, we give God thanks for the accomplishments of Adventist Youth evangelistically and nationally. At our Pathfinder Day Festival of Missions held on September 16th, more than 200 Community Projects and 76 baptisms were reported by the Pathfinder Clubs thus far for the year. That is 35.35% of the 215 baptisms reported thus far for 2023. We congratulate and encourage every Club Director, AY Leader, Pastor, Elder, Parents, and Youth who continue to engage in youth evangelism and discipleship. It is true that “youth must be taught how to labor for the Master. They must be trained, disciplined, drilled, in the best methods of winning souls to Christ.” Gospel Workers, p. 210.1

During National Youth Month we remember the 3 reasons why we exist:

1. Redeemed by His Blood-1 Peter 1:18- 20
Young people need to continuously hear about the grace of Jesus and how He provided forgiveness, peace with God, victory, assurance of salvation, and a brand-new royal identity at the cross! Interestingly, all our Adventist Youth Ministries logos highlight either the blood of Jesus or the centrality of the cross! In fact, our AYM mission statement reads “To lead young people in a saving relationship with Jesus and help them embrace His call to discipleship.”

2. Revived by His Spirit- Acts 1:8
Youth and young adults must saturate themselves daily in prayer and Bible study. Ezekiel 37:10 reminds us that when the Spirit is poured out on Adventist youth, they rise to become an “exceedingly great army”. When filled with the Holy Spirit our young people become more than just arrows, they become firebrands!

3. Rightly Trained by His Leaders- Ephesians 4:11, 12
Young people must be trained by youth leaders and adults who themselves are living out the great commission. Effective training should also be combined with enlisting young people in global and local mission initiatives. The South Bahamas Conference provides mission-driven initiatives for youth to elevate the standard of excellence by serving Christ, the Church, and their community.

Our youth who are redeemed by His blood, revived by His Spirit, and rightly trained by His leaders have excelled with excellence nationally. Mykel Mackey, from the Grant’s Town Church, made history as an Adventist Youth by receiving the Valedictorian Award, in the National Youth Leader’s Certification Course by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Scharlee Thompson and Chinyere Ijeoma, from Grants Town and Living Faith SDA Churches respectively, received the awards for the Most Outstanding Group, in the National Youth Leader’s Certification Course.

More importantly, because of the positive national influence of excellence Seventh- day Adventist Youth in the South Bahamas Conference, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture inaugurated the observance of a National Youth Month Sabbath Service last year, to be held on the first Sabbath of October annually. For Adventist Youth, excellence is not the Standard we do, excellence is who we are. We believe, that “the youth, if right, could sway a mighty influence.” Messages to Young People, p.204

-Pastor Jamal Franklyn South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Youth Director