The phone rang. I answered. The familiar voice at the end stated, “I have an assignment for you”. I listened and my response resulted in a friendly debate. We concluded with “as The Lord leads”. Those last words brought memories of my mother. Her view was to seek to do all you can for Christ and the development of the church. Hence, my response to the assignment.

The month of May heralds the celebration of Mother’s Day. The word “mother" can be emotive. Individuals may welcome the day with joy, others with sadness, and some with regret. The Bible does not speak of the recognition of a day for mothers, but it undoubtedly addresses the necessity to honor mothers. The scriptural reference in Exodus 20:12 demonstrates the biblical promise about honoring our mothers. The guarantee is if we do so, ‘we will live long in the land the Lord our God is giving….’ The story of Moses also depicts the significance of the Christian mother. E. G. White indicates the whole future life of Moses and the awesome task he fulfilled as the leader of Israel, serves as a testimony of the importance of the work of a mother connected to God.

Mothers, may we strive to be godly women that our children seek to emulate. A mother who displays characteristics such as Hannah who willingly gave her boy child to serve in the temple. A mother who raises little servant girls who even when away from home recognizes there is a prophet who can heal. Mothers like Mary, the mother of Jesus, who did not completely understand but knew she had to fulfill the assignment. Women such as Lois and Eunice, the grandmother and mother, who trained young Timothy to be strong in faith and servant leadership.

Society recognizes that mother figures come in various forms. Google confirms this thought when it states a mother can bear the title of aunt, big-sister, step-mum, or Nan. Anyone that has helped to raise you. It may be a special teacher, a kind neighbor, or even a work colleague who assumed the role of mentorship.

We can praise God today for women who acknowledge the unique gifts that He supplies which enable her to perform the role of a mother. Women who have loved and guided you. Women who have provided a nurturing role in your life. The female in your life who provides godly counsel, celebrates your successes, and recognizes your unspoken pain when you suffer a loss.

“Mothers deserve the credit for raising value-based leaders who accept responsibility; who possess physical, mental and spiritual strength; who possess courage and confidence; and look with optimism to the future.” (Unknown Author) Today, let us honor our mothers and those individuals who have assumed the role of motherhood for so many. Some of us are mourning the loss of our mother figure. I suggest you ponder the positive memories. May you find joy as you thank God for allowing you to have known such a person. May we rejoice for the mothers, past and present in our lives. Rise up and call her blessed…. (Proverbs 31:28)

Honor is Due.

Desiree T. Rolle-Forbes (Mrs.)

Women’s Ministries Leader, Rock Sound Seventh-day Adventist Church