A leadership Seminar was held at Bahamas Academy for its students on October 6th, under the theme “Meaningful Visions”. The prefects and other student leaders of the school gathered to hear three dynamic speakers. Pastor Kareem Black, of the Bethany and Message of Hope churches shared a devotional thought with the students, reminding them of their responsibilities as leaders.

Pastor Kareem Black

He said, "When you are a leader of people, they look to you.They expect things of you. And those who have elected you to serve, they also have expectations of you. And they have put confidence in you, that you have the ability to do those things that are needed to get the job done."

According to Pastor Black, the positions the students currently hold are to prepare them for future opportunities once they graduate from Bahamas Academy.

He continued, "Even persons that you would hope understand, they don't understand. You deal with a lot of criticism when you are in leadership, you deal with difficulties when you are in leadership. You deal with things some times that you can't always tell other people because there is confidentiality in your responsibility. But these opportunities here in high school, as students, are preparing you for leadership in the real world. This is a training ground, this is a testing ground. Its an opportunity for you to be prepared to better serve, to be better yourself in serving"  

Arinthia Komolafe

Former Political Party Leader Arinthia Komolafe presented effective tips to the students on how to be effective leaders.

She told them to, 1). write the vision, 2). position yourself to make the vision a reality, 3). set smart goals, and 4). don't be disappointed when things don't happen to plan."  

CEO of Computitle LTD. Lionel Haven, explained in his presentation that sacrifices are often necessary when we want to achieve the goals we have set for our lives.

Lionel Haven

He said, "When you set your vision board, and you decide this is what I want to do in one year, in five years, in ten years, in twenty years, 'this is where I want to be', that's great. You can move and do everything you think possible, to be able to accomplish that. The thing is, you have to make the determination how much you're willing to sacrifice to achieve those objectives..."

The leadership program proved to be both informative and impactful to the students as they continue to enhance their leadership skills during this school year.