Health professionals, supporters, and enthusiasts made their way to the Philadelphia church on February 11, for the annual health Prayer breakfast, under the theme, equipped for mission. This initiative which is sponsored by the Adventist Health Professions Association and the Health Ministry‚Äôs department of the South Bahamas Conference, helps to unite those with a passion for health evangelism. 

AHPA President Jorjette Bain, reiterated the importance of AHPA and encouraged persons to join and learn how to become a health evangelist. 

Bain said, " As you are aware, this organization exists to promote and build strong relationships among all Seventh-day Adventist healthcare professionals and healthcare workers. It is to encourage participation in evidence based medical missionary endeavours. It is also used to advance nationwide health evangelism through education, promotion, evaluation, research, and financial support."  

AHPA Chaplain, elder Ian Greene, provided the charge for the service and reminded the attendees that health evangelism is a powerful method to guide others to ultimate Healer of our lives. 

Greene said, "I want you to understand, it has no power without Jesus. Sometimes we get into our professions, we get into our training, and we believe that's it. It's about empowerment coming from on high." 

Throughout the remainder of the service, prayers were lifted for families, the sick and afflicted, the country and the organization and its members, along with their upcoming mission initiatives. Those who participated in the prayer breakfast left spiritually revived and equipped to serve God through health evangelism.