Ten years ago, The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists launched a mission initiative that focused on youth involvement, to help utilize the youth in a global movement to share the Gospel. According to Pastor Jamal Franklyn, this initiative has grown into one of the most anticipated events, as every year young people find new and innovative ways to be the sermon in their communities. 

"Over the years, we've had impacts to police officers, to the homeless, to those who are sick, essential workers,” said Franklyn. 

“And the hold up to a global duty is to do all targeted mission projects where you when you target certain projects, certain demographics in the community, but mission projects that are tailored to their specific needs,” Franklyn added.

This year was no different as on March 18th, youth ambassadors participated in Global Youth Day under the theme Love is a Verb. Youth Director for the Atlantic Caribbean Union, Dr. Kent Price, shared his thoughts on Global Youth Day.

Price said, “I am excited about it because we know that we are not only presenting the gospel and preaching a sermon within the church, but we are doing it outside of the church."

While various youth groups were out in their respective communities, the mission focus for this year, according to Franklyn, was on impacting school administrators and teachers. 

Principal of S.C. McPherson Junior High School along with youth from New Providence Church“We know that throughout this year a lot of our allies have already adopted a school in their community to impact, and that impact will continue throughout the year,” Franklyn said.

 This worldwide initiative has opened the doors for other church ministries to impact communities, such as Public Campus Ministry (PCM). PCM focuses on nurturing students, teachers, and faculty members who are located at public campuses to reach and engage their fellow classmates and coworkers. According to Franklyn, the program is expected to be launched in various government schools in the country.

More than 300 youth representatives from the churches gathered in the afternoon, as the events continued with a march led by the South Bahamas Conference Pathfinder Band. Assistant Youth Director Patrick Wilson said the youth were able to minister to those listening by sharing priority magazines, as well as the great controversy, which is the book of the year.  

The community members were reportedly blessed as persons gathered on the sidewalks and outside their homes to watch the march. 

The rally was held at Anatol Rodger Highschool gymnasium, immediately after the march. Youth Leaders shared highlights of the day from the various outreach programs held. In addition to creating care packages for different schools, some churches had blood donation drives and free breakfasts for members of the community. On the family islands, the youth provided care packages and prayed for individuals on the island.

The rally was a time of celebration for the youths of our church. In addition to the outreach highlights, the rally also featured a special presentation involving the pathfinder and master guide organization. The rally concluded with a message from Bahamas Academy’s Chaplain Gibson Lacroix, who expounded on the importance of love. 

Here in the south Bahamas Conference, Global Youth Day concluded with a basketball Jamboree which was held as a fundraising initiative for the pathfinders traveling to the Inter-American Division’s Pathfinder camporee. It has been a blessing to see the youth in action for ministry and service this global youth day, as we all remember that Love is indeed a verb.