Photo Credit: Inter-American Division

The Inter-American Division welcomed more than 180 Adventist Communicators from across the region from November 7th-8th for the 2023 Communication Summit (CommSummit). This is the second summit held by IAD, as the first one occurred 11 years ago. IAD President Pastor Elie Henry greeted the communication professionals and celebrated the event.

According to IAD Communication Director Abel Marquez, “CommSummit is meant to be a meeting space for professional relationships and the exchange of ideas and experiences to promote innovation, collaboration, and creativity within the church.”

The event emphasized the importance of integration, creativity, and innovation in communication. Representing the Atlantic Caribbean Union was the Communication Director for ATCU Pastor Henry Moncur, Associate Communication Director for the South Bahamas Conference, Michelle Greene and Youth Director for the South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Jamal Franklyn. 

Moncur said, "The reality is, in terms of us being able to get this gospel out, especially from a communications perspective, we've got to take the things that we have been using and transform them in an innovative way so that we can reach this generation for Christ."

Greene added, "We've seen individuals sharing God through the gospel using movies, and using TikTok. We are embracing other means, and other methods, beyond the regular publication. I think that here in the church we can do so much more if we collaborate." 

In addition Franklyn said, "What we heard on the first day at CommSummit is that during the pandemic the youth department and the communication department sustained the church to be relevant during the pandemic; we have seen interdepartmental collaboration. The language of the mission field online, young people understand, and we have witnessed young people using their own funds, their own resources, their own space, and their own platforms to be able to spread the gospel creatively throughout social media." 

The meetings began with devotional thoughts by The Southeastern Florida Conference Communication Director Pastor Arnarldo Cruz, who encouraged those present to rely on God’s wisdom to propel the mission. 

During the summit, the attendees were introduced to various ways communication leaders can share the gospel using nontraditional means including social media, AI, video games, movies, and photography. The numerous presenters discussed the importance of collaboration between Adventist entities.

The CommSummit also highlighted new films by Adventist media producers and a new series sponsored by Hope Channel Inter-America. The two-day event concluded with a powerful thought by IAD Executive Secretary, Pastor Leonard Johnson who encouraged the attendees to share and utilize what they have learned in their territories.