The Mount Thompson Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Exuma recently organized a special Children's Sermon Writing Training weekend led by Pastor Manasseh Simms, aimed at equipping young minds with the skills to effectively communicate the teachings of the church.

The two-day event, held on June 30th and July 1st, saw enthusiastic participation from children and adolescents from within the Exuma District of churches. Pastor Manasseh Simms, guided the young attendees in developing their sermon-writing abilities, helping them convey biblical messages in a relatable manner.

 Over the course of the weekend, the young participants delved into various aspects of sermon writing, including choosing relevant topics, structuring their messages, incorporating storytelling techniques, and engaging their audience through illustrations and examples. Through practical exercises and group discussions, the children gained valuable insights and developed their writing skills under the guidance of the mentors.

The Mount Thompson Seventh-Day Adventist Church's Children Sermon Writing Training weekend with Pastor Manasseh proved to be a valuable opportunity for young minds to develop their communication skills while deepening their understanding of the teachings of the church. With their enhanced abilities, these young sermon writers are poised to play an active role in spreading the message of faith and love to the next generation.