Saturday, November 18th, 2023, marked a day of jubilation and spiritual enlightenment as Children's Day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm throughout the South Bahamas Conference. We received several reports on how Children’s Day was celebrated in some of our churches.

At the Breath of Life church, World Children’s Day was celebrated under the theme, “Hope in Foreign Land.” Amidst the service two recently baptized children were presented with baptismal certificates. When asked what she plans to do for Jesus, Naomi responds “I will serve Him until”. It’s a blessing to see our children standing for Jesus and following His example.

Ursula Rolle, one of the assistant CHAM leaders at the church, spoke about the mandate of Christ, which is to be our brother’s keeper by helping those in need.

Rolle said, "You want your mothers and fathers to buy you all gifts for this Christmas season right? Well tell them to buy you two gifts, because one of them you're going to give to a neighbor or somebody you know in your school who's less fortune..."

At the end of the service, a prayer of consecration was done on behalf of the children that God would give children worldwide the strength to follow the teachings of Christ and continue to be beacons of light wherever they are.

The New Providence church welcomed Children’s Sabbath under the theme “Fiercely Faithful. The congregation was blessed with melodious music, drama, and dynamic sermons that focused on the faith journey of Jacob.

The children's ministries department also recognized their outstanding leaders for their faith and dedication to the mission of God. The children of New Providence church were also highlighted for their achievements in church and the community.

The Adolescent Ministries (CHAM) Director Kenisha Simms, ministered at Bethany Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church and left a lasting impression on attendees.

Under the theme "Fiercely Faithful: God Always Keeps His Promises," Director Simms delivered a powerful sermon that not only resonated with the adults but also engaged the youngest members of the congregation in a unique and exciting way. The children,

dressed in superhero costumes, became living representations of God's promises, emphasizing that He is the ultimate superhero of the world.

"The idea behind dressing the children as superheroes was to convey the message that God is the ultimate superhero in their lives. Each costume represented a promise of God, making the sermon not just a lesson but a lively and memorable experience for the children," Director Simms explained.

The celebration continued at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church with the much-anticipated Agape Fest, a children's concert under the theme "Thankful Praise." The concert featured energetic and joyful performances by children's choirs that captivated the audience with their talent and spirit. The air was filled with gratitude as young voices raised in harmonious praise, creating an atmosphere of thanksgiving.

The climax of the evening was the launch of the CHAM department's groundbreaking publication, the "Equipping Children’s & Adolescent Ministries Leaders Manual." President of the South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Kenny Deveaux, took the stage to explain the significance of this manual and the historical impact it would have on children's ministries.

He said, "There are other copies that will come for every church in our conference. Give Aunty K along with her team a hearty round of applause for making history in the South Bahamas Conference and in the Atlantic Caribbean Union". 

The Children’s Day festivities brought together families, church members, and the community in a day filled with faith, joy, and gratitude.