The Breath of Life Church located on Marshall Road held an uplifting all-day health service on May 20th 2023. The Health Department took over the Divine and AY services, the guest speaker for the Divine worship service was Dr. Alphaeus Allick, Emergency Physician at Doctor’s Hospital. His sermon under the caption “The Art of Forgiveness”, shed some light on some common misconceptions that people often associate with forgiveness. 

“Forgiveness,” Allick said, “is the feeling of peace that emerges as you take hurt less personally, take responsibility for how you feel and become a hero instead of a victim in the story that you tell. “Forgiveness is the experience of peacefulness in the present moment. Forgiveness does not change the past… but it changes the pesent and it will change the future.”

 During the AY session, two health professionals shared their expertise to enlighten and educate the audience. The first speaker, Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist Shandera Smith, delved into the importance of a balanced diet, also emphasizing the significance of consuming nutrient rich foods for overall wellbeing.

“When we eat, we want to balance our plates as much as possible,” Smith advised. “Real foods are the ones God created by nature like the apple or the pears... all the fruits and the vegetables.”

The second speaker, Dentist Marvette Moore, brought light to the fact that oral and overall health are linked. She expressed the importance of regular dental check-ups, proper brushing, and various diseases in the mouth that are preventable and treatable.

Together these three health professionals gave an extensive overview of the importance of taking care of our emotional, spiritual, and physical health.