The school community of Bahamas Academy, comprising of faculty, students, and parents, congregated at the Maranatha Church on Sabbath February 3rd under the theme, "Be Transformed Through Christ." The day’s theme, also in alignment with the school’s key text, Romans 12:2, reminds us not to conform to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of ours minds.

During the Sabbath School service, the students participated in a skit, emphasising the crucial role of encouraging individuals in Christ, and It is through these encounters individuals are able to experience God's transformative power.

Both services included vocal and instrumental renditions, songs of praise, prayers and uplifting testimonies. During the Divine Worship service, Elder Earl Thomas, teacher at the school, focused on the power of God's mercy and His ability to provide in the right timing.

Thomas said, “God will deliver, not because of anything good we have done, but because his mercies endures forever. It’s only amount of time before your season comes. The thing is that I don’t even feel as if I’m in my season yet. The next time you see your mango tree in your yard blossoming and you know it’s the blossoming season of the mango tree, you look at those blossoms and say, 'My season it’s coming'.”

Thomas then put emphasis on the topic of transformation. He explained that there are two types of metamorphosis, and in one of the types of metamorphosis the new creature resembles its past self and the other has no resemblance of its past self.

He said, “In a spiritual sense, if we are to experience metamorphosis, we cannot resemble our past life. We cannot give ourselves to God, claim we are transformed, and still resemble our past lives. If we are transformed, our metamorphosis cannot be incomplete. Everybody loves butterflies, but no one loves caterpillars. When God puts you through metamorphosis, God changes you from being a miserable caterpillar that destroys everything in sight, to a beautiful butterfly.”