The men of our conference gathered at Bahamas Academy for a Men’s Convention held from November 24th to November 25th. Under the theme “Restored: Ready to Serve”, the event aimed to equip men and young men with the right tools for leadership.

The convention began with opening remarks from the South Bahamas Conference President Pastor Kenny Deveaux who commended the men in the church for remaining steadfast in being used by God. The night continued with multiple sessions including a youth-inspired session led by Youth Director Pastor Jamal Franklyn.

Saturday morning began with a series of workshops, which began with Pastor Kent Price, Youth Director at the Atlantic Caribbean Union. He delivered an impactful session on the natural inclination of men to lead. He emphasized leadership strategies, encouraging the audience to seek ways in which they can became effective leaders.

Price said, "As a leader your respect does not come when you stand before the pulpit, your respect comes when you're able to step down and relate to your brother, you're able to sit with your brother, you're able to talk and laugh with your brother. That's how we are able to find the needs of our brothers and also to solve problems."  

Keith Major delved into the aspect of managing personal finances and the role finances play in shaping one's life. His insights shed light on practical ways in which attendees can secure their financial futures.

Dr. Paul Scavella addressed the young men, on the role of parental guidance in shaping the lives of children into their individual destinies. Drawing from a personal experience, Scavella spoke about his transformation from being a distraction in church to becoming a vessel for spreading God’s word.

The Invited speaker, Turks and Caicos Island Conference President, Pastor Steve Cornwall encouraged the men to remain faithful to the mission of God.

Cornwall said, "We have all had our experiences, we have all had our moments of wasted years, we have all had our moments of failure, but I'm so happy to know that Jesus, he meets you where you are. It is not too late to start over, it's not too late for Him to transform your life."  

The convention proved to be an informative and encouraging avenue for our men and young men to embrace their roles as leaders.