Help! My Child Can't Sit Still In Church

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Either tell those parents and their misbehaving children to leave the church or I will no longer come!”, “These children cannot sit still for a moment!”, “I am so distracted with all these noisy children that I can’t focus on the sermon!” Several church members shared these feelings with me, and I understand their frustration. There is another side to the issue, however, that we would do well to remember—the exasperation and distress that the parents feel. Many parents with young children are feeling stressed out and are tempted to attend church no longer. They are overwhelmed, and there are several reasons for this:
1. Parents have their own expectations.
2. Parents notice the expectations of others and feel pressured.
3. Children sense the stress around them.
4. Children feel bored.
Children of any age have ups and downs, just as adults do, and may have a restless Sabbath. A restless child, however, is oftentimes not appreciated. Running around in the backyard is OK, but not in church. So, some parents may decide to skip worship service altogether. This is certainly not a solution, because Jesus wants the children to come to Him (see Matt. 19:14), and He Himself attended “church” on a regular basis(see Luke4:16).
Teaching a child only on Sabbaths about appropriate church behavior is not enough. Parents must do it at home throughout the week as well. At the earliest age, help your children to become familiar with expected behavior in church or other worship settings.
Here are a few suggestions:
1. Begin while the mom is pregnant. Set aside a certain time for worship every day, in the morning and in the evening. Pray specifically for your unborn child and ask God for help to train the child according to His will. Think ahead about the type of teaching methods you want to use and the rules you want to establish for your child.
2. When the baby is born and life consists of sleeping, feeding, and changing diapers, do not discard your personal devotions time.
3. Begin the good habit of having worship with your newborn baby right away. Some parents ask, “When should I start telling stories as well as praying and singing with my child?” Don’t wait. Children, even infants, may “catch” more than we think they do, and they may feel the special atmosphere when we talk to God. It also helps to establish worship time with your child as a priority.
4. If this is not your first child, include the baby in the worship you have with your other children. They are expecting the baby to join in the family devotional time. Well-educated, older children positively influence the younger ones (see Child Guidance, p. 27).
Train a Baby?
Some parents may believe that little training can be accomplished with infants, but in reality, it’s never too soon to start.
Worship in Church?
At home it’s easy to instruct your child on how to behave and quietly sit and listen. In church, however, it’s best to instruct using body language and eye control rather than verbally. Signs such as putting your finger to your lips to indicate silence, pointing to the knees for kneeling, or directing the child to a little wallet containing the offering prepared the day before, should usually do the job. Prepare a Sabbath bag with selected “Sabbath” toys that are not used during the week and are “sermon” safe (they don’t make noise). Look for books and soft toys that relate to nature and the Bible. Notice also that some children are fine without a toy. If possible, take only one toy out of the “Sabbath bag.” If the child wants another one, return the first one to the bag and then choose a second one. Try to
keep it simple; it helps children to be less restless. Plan ahead. As your children grow, you might encounter different types of problems and distractions. Ask God for solutions. The Holy Spirit will give you ideas on how to master the respective situation. Always be an example to your children and consider ahead of time what you yourself will be doing during the worship service. If you whisper, your child will whisper. If you close your eyes during prayer, most likely your child will too. If you go to the restroom before the worship service starts, they may do that too. Also, be prepared for unexpected situations. Have a backup for emergencies. I usually carry a toy or other interesting object in my purse. It’s helpful to surprise your child with something a little different if you encounter an unforeseen situation or if your child starts crying. If you have to take your child out of the sanctuary for some reason, such as their crying, do it quickly. Don’t wait too long. Then solve the problem and come back. The sanctuary is the place for worship. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, a child may not be feeling well, perhaps teething. In situations such as that, you might want to stay in the “parents’ room.”
Everyone Is Unique
God created every child as a unique individual. No two are exactly alike, so not every suggestion mentioned here will work for every child. Most of the guidelines are based on my own personal experiences, on those of other parents, and on counsel given in Ellen G. White’s book Child Guidance. For me and my children, they have worked most of the time. I still adhere to these guidelines even though my children are grown. Other “church children” sit
next to me during worship service, and I can still be an example to them with my own behavior and help to show them how to enjoy church. Let’s together love and train the little ones for Jesus.
--Geri Mueller, a soloist and flute teacher, enjoys being involved in ministry at her local church in Maryland. This article was published April 19, 2012. Please Visit the Conference Website For the Entire Article. 


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