A Message of Hope for God's People

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For the past two weeks there has been an array of viewpoints, raw outrage, and a cry for leadership in the United States of America as the entire globe demands justice for the death of Mr. George Floyd. Thanks to the telephone camera of Ms. Daniella Fraser, millions of people watched in horror as George (a black man) lay on his stomach on the ground handcuffed; while Mr. Derek Chauvin (a white Police Officer) had his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes. A bystander pleaded with the police officer to remove his knee as he could hear Floyd saying “Please, please, please, I can’t breathe…” words which Floyd repeated until he became unresponsive. An ambulance was dispatched, and according to the Washington Post editor’s notes (May 30, 2020), Mr. Floyd was taken to the Hennepin Health Care emergency room where he died. 

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North American and around the world condemns such actions of hate and violence and our resolve is to continue to support the human rights and dignity of all people. As an organization, we wholeheartedly believe in the justice of God while we pray for those who violate the rights of others. We acknowledge that in the United States of America and other countries Police brutality, racial profiling, and wage disparity among people of color are real concerns. At this moment, Mr. Floyd’s death has become the symbol of injustice in all its forms, and already we can see the power of God at work as in many cities people have decided to oppose bigotry by speaking out in the mainstream media, holding rallies, marching through the streets and condemning it on social media.

Over the years we have seen a plethora of responses to racial injustice, but this time the overall reaction seems to be different. In the past, rallies that were organized to fight systemic racism were attended mostly by blacks and minorities, sprinkled with a small percentage of white men and women of goodwill. But today many of the rallying crowds have an equal amount or majority of whites standing shoulder to shoulder with people of color shouting “Black Lives Matter.” Strong representation from all ethnic groups are determined to change the historical record of the greatest nation in the world by using their voices and actions to show that it is not okay to mistreat or to murder a man because of the color of his skin. So, where do we go from here?

The Church must lead the charge in condemning the twin evils of racism and injustice, but at the same time, we must provide all humanity with the countless messages of hope found in the Bible. As we acknowledge and admit that people are upset, angry, and outraged, our lives must be an example of how to treat others. As we stand up against inequality, we must also condemn looting and other forms of inappropriate civil disobedience. Let Jesus shine through us so that people will be able to see a flicker of hope in the midst of darkness. While the night of prejudice hovers over the nations of the world, allow me to share with you a few messages of hope found in the canon.

The church knows that because of Christ we are confident of a brighter tomorrow (Psalm 30:5). When we are in a pit God will deliver us, put our feet on a rock, and establish our goings (Psalm 40:2), In all these things we are more than conquerors Him that loved us, (Romans 8:37). Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we will fear no evil… because goodness and mercy shall follow us (Psalm 23). There is an enemy that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, but in Christ, we have abundant/eternal life (John 10:10). And although we live in a troubled world, Jesus is preparing a place for us, and He is coming to get us (John 141-3). Our hope is rooted in Jesus Christ: “What shall we say then to these things? If God (the Godhead) be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

So, if you are angry and incensed by the death of George Floyd, or the other forms of injustice that exist in our world do not become discouraged. Let the innumerable messages of hope within the scriptures enable you to be angry and sin not (Ephesians 4:26). By embracing the wonderful messages of hope found in the Bible and sharing them with others, we will find the inspiration we need to work together for a better tomorrow.
--Pastor T. Basil Sturrup, Ministerial Secretary Director, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty



The South Bahamas Conference administration is seeking the assistance of its membership to be a part of a team of volunteers to assess damages and situations in case of a catastrophic hurricane. The following categories of individuals are being sought for: General Contractor, Engineer, Third Phase electrician, Mason, Plumber, Social Worker, and Nurse. If you are interested please kindly send a message to: Secretariat@sbcadventist.org.bs . Thanks for your willingness to serve the Lord and His church. 


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is urging the public to prepare for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Here is the basic checklist:
1. Make necessary house repairs
2. Secure a first-aid kit
3. Allocate 3 gallons of water per person
4. Keep extra cash on hand
5. Make sure your tank is filled with gas
6. Place documents in a protective bag
7. Keep a fully charged cellphone with its charger
8. Stock up on special needs items for infants, elderly, physically challenge
9. Secure a battery powered radio, flashlight and clock, along with extra batteries
10. Have enough canned food items to last for 3-5 days
11. Keep some extra batteries on hand
For extensive information, also check: https://hurricanesafety.org/prepare/hurricane-safety-checklists/


The Adventist Book & Nutrition Center continues to serve you. Please note the extended hours for your convenience Monday - Thursday 9:00a.m – 5:00p.m. Fridays 9:00a.m – 2:00p.m. Sundays - Closed. The social distancing rule will be applied during your visit. 
-- ABNC Manager

The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists continues the Revelation Series with Dr. Jon Paulien, Dean of the Religion Department of Loma Linda University on the following dates: June 14 & 21, 2020. This week’s topic will be: “The Last Deception: A Study of Revelation 13.” A link for the class will be on the South Bahamas Conference website. For further information please contact Pastor Lynden Williams via email at lwilliams@sbcadventist.org.bs 
-- Pastor Lynden Williams, Bible Studies & Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator

Important Meeting
A very important meeting will be held for CHAM leaders via Zoom on Sunday June 14, 2020 at 10:00a.m. Leaders or their representatives from throughout the South Bahamas Conference are expected to attend. The Zoom links along with the meeting’s agenda has been provided on the CHAM Whatsapp chats. For more information please email lsturrup@sbcadventist.org.bs 
--Mrs. Lavern Sturrup, CHAM Director


The South Bahamas Conference is asking all structural engineers to submit your emails to lsturrup@sbcadventist.org.bs for a very important upcoming meeting where your expertise will be required. For more information please send an email at the same address. Thank you for your assistance. 
--Mrs. Lavern Sturrup, Communication Director


Please note that due to this COVID19 pandemic, our regular submission format has changed. This week and every week thereafter, we will stay connected through our “Sisters for Sisters” words of empowerment and inspiration, coming from women across our Conference.
The submission this week is from Cynthia Lightbourne, Women’s Ministries Leader, Millerton Seventh-day Adventist Church, Long Island District.

God’s Promises
The hurricane was approaching and living in a flood zone required that we take decisive precautions. The experience of two floods and the loss of many personal effects were still fresh on my mind. Then while elevating and preparing for evacuation, the thought came to mind in a question. “What am I holding on to?”

My beloved sisters, everything paled in value before my eyes, and the sweet promises in the word of God flooded my thoughts. “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you ….” Isaiah 43:2-3 NLT. This is a beautiful promise of protection through all difficult situations, including this pandemic. When we find ourselves sinking emotionally, financially, and spiritually we can utter Peter’s prayer, “Lord save me” Matthew 14:29.

We cannot trust the outlook of our mind, because Jesus said, “With men it is impossible…..for with God all things are possible” Mark 10:27. During our social distancing; excessive washing of our hands; and extra cleaning of surfaces, may we find comfort and strengthening faith in the word of God, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day
Today we celebrate Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day, under the theme: “Christ’s Amazing Love Moves Me”. Our Speaker is our Director from the General Conference, Sis. Heather–Dawn Small via webcast.interamerica.org. Join us for this special service from 10:00 a.m - noon.

Graduation for Ministry of Kindness Certification 
The Graduation Service of the Women’s Ministries Department, Ministry of Kindness Virtual Certification Program by the Inter-American Division will be held on Sunday, June 21st 2020 at 10:00a.m - noon. All ladies completing the program are encouraged to attend at webcast.interamerica.org.
--Mrs. Jacqueline Gibson, Women’s Ministries Director

The PARL Department of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will embark on a series of educational ZOOM meetings to inform members about a variety of subjects.  Tune in to presentations from professionals or a panel of experts on topics including, but not limited to: Religious Rights, Human Rights, Formulation of Wills, Criminal Justice, Employee Rights, Human Trafficking, Racism, Police Brutality, and a host of other interesting issues. The meetings will be held on a monthly basis. Stay tuned for information on the day and time so that you can be a part of these exciting meetings. 
-- Pastor T. Basil Sturrup, PARL Director



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