'I Want My Church To Care'

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Imagine with me a church. Upon arrival,  you’re greeted with     unrivalled gardens and breathtaking architecture. Upon entry     the carpets are soft as clouds, pews envelop you in comfort and your ears are soothed by the sounds of an impeccable sound system. The bulletins are perfect, the baptismal pool fragrant and the décor a sight to behold. With all this beauty and cosmetic appeal, you note the pews are empty and the church is dead. The question is why?

As a people, there are times we care more about the vessel than the contents, more about the church-house than the church members. Perhaps in all its splendor, that is where this particular church failed. But what if this church cared more for the people—visitors and members alike. Maybe the building would be more unassuming, but the experience felt within and without the walls would leave an indelible mark on the congregation and the community. Maybe the sound quality wouldn’t be fully up to par but when the Word went forth the people would be mobilized and energized to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We cannot say we are for the people, trying to reach the people and impart truth to the people if we don’t get to know and genuinely care for the people.

Christ will always be our greatest example. Every person He encountered had their needs met, even those he had to rebuke.

I am reminded of the story Jesus gave about the good Samaritan, how the Priest (pastor) and the Levite (church member) passed by a man who was in need and remained unbothered and unmoved. Thank God for the Samaritan who didn’t only speak of love but displayed it by his sacrificial actions.

Jesus is reminding us today that we should go and do likewise. Ellen White says, “The life of Christ was filled with words and acts of benevolence, sympathy, and love. He was ever attentive to listen to and relieve the woes of those who came to Him.”

When people enter our buildings can they feel the warmth of fellowship, the embrace of genuine love and the touch of a caring church family, or do they just sit and admire the architecture? When new believers are brought into the faith are, they just another notch in our belts, a name to be added to the church records or do we take the time to get to know them and engage in true Christian fellowship. I’ve always heard the question asked, 'if our church doors were to close in any community would they even miss us?' As we embark on this Global Youth Day under the theme 'iCare', let it not only be a one-day activity but the launching pad for a lifestyle where we care every day.

I want my church to care. Let us endeavor to be a vessel willing and ready to be used by Christ to share this gospel of care and love.
--Pastor Alvarico Moss, Assistant Youth Director for Senior Youth

Evangelistic Reaping Season For Pastors
29: 1st Quarter Youth Day (a.m) Local Church)
29: Youth Church (p.m) Joint AY

1 – 7: Women on God’s Mission
7: SBC Adventuree Camporee
7: AY Mission Transform (Missing Youth) Local Church
7: International Women’s Day of Prayer
11: Day of Prayer in Educational Institutions
12: ATCU Publishing Directors Meeting (Online)
13 – 15: Prayer Conference
14: Adventist World Radio Emphasis Sabbath-WORD SBC 88.3 FM
19: Elder’s Information Session
21: Global and Children Youth Day – iCare “Refugees, Homeless, Strangers” (Local Church) Shelters, Prison, Nursing Homes

Elections To Be Held
The election of Executive Officers for ASI for the 2020 - 2025 term will be held on Sunday March 1, 2020 at 4:00p.m at the Grant's Town Church. Only financial members will have voting rights.

ASI Fair and Health Expo
Join us for a day of fun and excitement as you participate in health screenings (pressure, cholesterol, sugar, dental, vision etc.), Children's health expo, prayer & counseling, food demos and sampling and more! It is all free! Register to participate (be a vendor) in our Business Expo.
This event will be held on Sunday March 29, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Windsor Park.
Save the date and plan to be there! Call 557-2176, 556-8492 or 428-4251 for more details.  

–Ms. Shandera Smith, ASI Secretary

Bible Class will resume on Sunday March 1st @6:30p.m at New Englerston Church.
Are you missing out? This week we will examine the history of the English Bible and factors affecting the writing of the King James Version. Download the Logos Bible Software App and bring a friend. 

--Pastor Lynden Williams, Bible Studies & Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator

Leadership Certification Level Two
Of the certification will be held on March 27 – 29, 2020. All participants from Level One are asked to mark this date as we seek to be Certified, as outlined by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
--Mrs. Lavern Sturrup, Children & Adolescent Ministries Director

Upcoming Workshop
March 22, 2020
Topics Include: ‘News Writing for the Church’ and ‘Photography with a Purpose’
Pre-register now at sbcadventistnews@gmail.com.

Tower Update
The construction of the tower for WORD SBC 88. 3FM has begun. The foundation for the tower has been excavated and the steel is being prepared for the construction of the tower base. We thank our Hillview church family for their patience and support during this process and we will continue to work diligently to the soon erection of the tower. We solicit the continued prayers and financial support of our Church family during this time. WORD SBC 88 3 FM “Where we live by the WORD of God”.
--Mrs. Lavern Sturrup, Communication Director

Cat Island Health Expo
All persons interested in being a part of the Health Expo scheduled for Friday, March 13 to Sunday, March 15, 2020 in Cat Island, please contact Nathelyn LaCroix at 242-826-8486 (WhatsApp) or 323-0610 for further information and cost.

Medical Missionary Evangelism
All persons interested in becoming Medical Missionaries please contact Nathelyn LaCroix at 323-0610 or whatsApp 826-8486. 

–Mrs. Nathelyn Lacroix, Health Ministries Director

Health Tip  (Sunlight)
The sun is our best natural source of vitamin D. Spending even a short time in the sun can provide the body with all of the vitamin D it needs for the day.  Some benefits are reduced; Blood Pressure, glucose levels and Cholesterol.

Free Foot Clinic
Barry University in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Bahamas Podiatric Medical Association will be hosting FREE Foot Clinics from Sunday March 1st to Friday March 6th, 2020 throughout New Providence. The Adventist Health Professionals Association will also be partnering. All persons with any foot complaint are invited to attend clinics for free services. Volunteers are needed to assist with the clinic as well. For more information or to volunteer please call Dr. Monique Mitchell at 601-1392, 502-4855, 802- FOOT (3668) or email at mitchellpod@hotmail.com.

Rehearsals for the South Bahamas Conference (SBC) Youth Choir will be held each Sunday from 6:00p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Agape Church, Wulff Road. Persons between the age of 15 – 30 years with the ability and love for singing are invited the join. 

-- Mr. Ashley Knowles, SBC Youth Choir Director, Mrs. Annette L. Dorsett, SBC Music Coordinator

Women’s Ministries Crusade Choir
There will be a practice right after the service on Sunday night for all ladies in the Women's Ministries Choir.  This is in preparation for Sabbath's Service. 

–Mrs. Annette L. Dorsett, South Bahamas Conference Music Coordinator

The first Sunday in every month will be early morning prayer meeting. Here are the scheduled meetings:
New Englerston - March 1, 2020
Hillview - April 5, 2020
Philadelphia - May 3, 2020
Bethel - June 7, 2020
Peardale - July 5, 2020
Berea - August 2, 2020
Ebenezer - September 6, 2020
Breath of Life - October 4, 2020
Centerville - November 1, 2020
Message of Hope - December 6, 2020

Prayer Conference
March 13-15, 2020
Theme: "Touching Heaven - Changing Earth" Learning to Pray With More Power.
Schedule of Meetings:
Friday 7:00p.m - 8:30p.m
Sabbath 9: 00a.m - 8:00 p.m
Sunday morning

First Quarter (January - March)
“WE” (Women Empowerment) – Q1 Forecast: March, 2020
1-7   SBC “Women Saved By Grace” Spiritual Awakening & Empowerment Series, 6:45p.m New Providence Church.
7   International Women’s Day of Prayer
20-22   WM “God’s Daughters Embrace” San Salvador Mission Retreat & Zone 1Community Outreach.

The countdown is on to our upcoming events!
Do you want to exchange your average life for deeper faith, greater power and more ministry impact? Saved by Grace, the first ever “Spiritual Awakening” & “Empowerment Series” by the Women’s Ministries Department of the South Bahamas Conference, will allow women from all walks of life,  to exchange a dry, thirsty and sometimes broken service,  for one that transcends more than we could ever think or imagine, by accepting God’s grace, which is greater than all our sin.

Come and drink of this life changing water, that will spiritually quench and hydrate us, as Sis. Beverley Williams ministers to us nightly. You don’t want to miss this exciting, power packed week, so come listen as we delve into specific issues affecting women, where others dare not go but which sometimes hinder our ministry service such as:  Mental Illness, Menopause, Depression and Anxiety, Loneliness from Grief, Infidelity and Alternate Lifestyle (Lesbianism) & Promiscuity. See you at the Well!

There are only ten seats left for the SBC WM God’s Daughters Embrace Mission Retreat in San Salvador. Kindly call 357-8030 to reserve your space.

Pause and Pray Wednesday
Don’t forget our weekly Pause and Pray appointment on Wednesdays at noon.

Donation Request, Used, But In Good Condition Devotionals
Kindly donate to your local Women’s Ministries Leader for distribution during our community outreach projects this year. -Mrs. Jacqueline Gibson, Women’s Ministries Director.

Joint AY Today: The Pursuit
Come and share.
‘Should we pursue a mate and how?’
Sabbath, February 29th, 2020, 4:30p.m.
New Providence Church, Soldier Road.

SBC Adventurer Camporee
Theme: Extraordinary
Date: Sabbath, March 7, 2020.
Time: 9:30a.m - 5:00p.m
Venue: New Providence Community Center, Blake Road.
Hurry, few space left! Contact local Adventurer Director for more information. Late Bird Registration Fee: $20.00 after February 19, 2020.
Fee includes: Camporee Shirt, Patch, Pin & Honor.

Masterguide Registration
Registration for the masterguide program ends on Monday, March 2, 2020.

AY Monthly Council Meeting
Monday, March 2, 2020 at 7:00p.m. in the Conference Board Room. All AY Leaders should be present to represent your church.

Adventurer and Pathfinder Monthly Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 7:00p.m., Conference Board Room
All directors should be present to represent your church.

Global Youth and Children's Day:
iCARE - Refugees, Homeless, Strangers- March 21, 2020
Morning: Community Outreach Impact by local Churches AY Department.
Afternoon: Global Youth & Children's Day March - at 4:00p.m.
The route is as follows: Beginning at the Grant’s Town Seventh-day Adventist Church on Wellington Street heading West North onto Baillou Hill Road Continuing north to Cumberland Street West onto Marlborough Street Continuing to West Bay Street Ending at Arawak Cay Concert Grounds.
GYCD Concert: 5:00p.m, Arawak Cay Concert Grounds.

Lost & Found: #Samson Delilah Story
Spring Youth Evangelism 2020:
Joint Campaign
Living Faith Church
Sunday, March 22, to Sabbath, March 28.
Weekly- 7:00p.m nightly! Except Thursdays!
Speaker: International Youth Evangelist, Pastor Damien Chandler.

--Pastor Jamal Franklyn, Youth Director

The South Bahamas Conference Retirees' Association is having its first meeting for the year, on March 5th, 11:00a.m. at the Philadelphia Church in Elizabeth Estates.  All members and those wishing to become members are invited to attend.  

The Berea, Breath of Life and Good News Churches are encouraging you to Veganize Your Meals. Learn to cook 3 course wholesome meals on Sunday March 15, 2020 at the Breath of Life Church at 2:00p.m. A small donation is required. Call 636-0330 for more information or contact the Health Ministry’s leaders at any of these churches.

All those interested in attending the 31st Cat Island Homecoming over the Easter weekend, April 10 &11, are asked to contact Henry Moncur @ 392-0589 or  Norman Seymour @ 457-0067 for further information.


Fun Run/Walk
Come and get fit with us at our Fun/Run/Walk on Sunday March 1, 2020. Warm up time is at 6:25a.m. and we take off at 6:30a.m. sharp from the Philadelphia Church, Nevis Way, Elizabeth Estates. Don't feel like walking? We will also have activities onsite. Join us afterwards for some down-home bush tea and Johnny cake. See you there!

Radio Ministry
"A forum for further thought on the weekly Sabbath School Lesson".  Tune into WORD SBC 88.3  FM by Radio or Online on the TUNE IN radio app (WORD SBC 88.3FM) and experience this innovative, interactive and in-depth exchange on Tuesdays @ 7:30 p.m.; Fridays @ 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and on Sabbaths @ 6:30 a.m.  Program Host:  Elder Roger Rolle, AMR Music Ministry. Contact us @ telephone 698-3461 or amr.musicministry@gmail.com.

Eternal Pages Concert

ON SUNDAY MARCH 29, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m. Allison Rolle, 'Chosen You', Roger Mike and Friends of AMR Music Ministry will be featured in Concert at the Good News Seventh-Day Adventist Church, highlighting songs composed/arranged by Roger Mike, as inspired by  the 2020 - 1st Quarter's Sabbath School Study - DANIEL!

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