Logos for April 11, 2020--Thoughts From Our Children About COVID19

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Over the past few weeks we have been greatly affected by COVID-19 and it is continuing its destructive sweep over the countries of the world. What is so amazing with this disease is that it has no respect for a person’s status in life, race, religion or age. And yes, I say age because even though it is said that elderly persons are among the individuals that are more susceptible to this disease, this virus continues to affect our children as well. The Children and Adolescent Ministries Department of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists spoke to a number of children to get their thoughts on the coronavirus/COVID19 and this is what a few of them had to say about it.
Note: We changed the names of the children, but the age, gender and responses of the children are accurate.

Question: Do you know what COVID19 is?
-“It is short for the coronavirus”. – Pedro, 12 years old.
-“COVID19 is a deadly virus that focuses on the lungs”. – Sean, 11 years old
-“COVID19 is a virus that has symptoms like a flu but with deeper effects”. – Rhonda, 12 years old.
-“COVID19 is a virus, it’s a airborne virus ..CO it stands for corona, VID means for virus and 19, that means it was started in 2019”. Lisa, 13 years old.
-“Disease”. – Chris, 3 years old.

Question: How do you catch the coronavirus?
-“You catch it by being in close contact with people who are coughing and sneezing into the air”. –Sean, 11 years old.
-“You can catch it by physical contact with people and germs in the air that you inhale can cause that to happen also”. – Rhonda, 12 years old.
-“You catch it from somebody talking or they breathing, the cough droplets coming on you...” – Lisa, 13 years old.
-“When you touch the room”. – Chris, 3 years old.

Question: Are you afraid of COVID19?
-“Yes”. - Ben, 7 years old
-“No”. – Chris, 3 years old.
-“Not really”. – Rhonda, 12 years old.
-(PAUSE) - “Yes, because it’s dangerous and as quick as it transports from countries, it moves so fast, killing numerous people who have gotten it all around the world”. Lisa, 13 years old.

Question: Why can’t you go to school?
- “You cannot go to school because children tend to sneeze into the air instead of covering their nose and mouths and normally have large gatherings”. –Sean, 11 years old
-“..because since school carries a large amount of people, and since that large amount of people carry many friends and stuff, there is lots of physical contact and  as soon as one person could catch the virus then it could spread to many people; and infecting the whole school, bringing to the homes and then all over the place.” – Rhonda, 12 years old.
- “I may get the disease”. – Chris, 3 years old.
- “I think they don’t want us to go to school because they don’t want it to pass from one place to another place because it can stick onto objects, like desks. And how we have to travel to classes we can pick it up from places”. – Lisa, 13 years old.

Question: What are some of the things you have to do to prevent you from getting this disease?
- “Some things you can do to prevent you from getting the disease is by thoroughly washing your hands, wear a mask in public, sneeze and cough into a napkin and I can’t remember the last one.”- Sean, 11 years old.
- “Smell. Don’t touch your mouth, don’t bite your nails”. - Chris, 3 years old.
- “You have to wash your hands on a regular basis, keep all daily touched areas clean and keep as safe distance away from people”. – Rhonda, 12 years old.
 - “Washing our hands and being at least six feet away from someone are some ways of preventing from getting the disease”. – Kevin, 12 years old.

Question: Why do we have to wear masks?
- “To avoid spreading the virus and keep the air from flowing inside your body because, since the virus is airborne, it could get into the body that way”. – Kevin 12 years old.
-“They say you have to wear a mask because it greatly reduces the amount of droplets that fly from your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and its harder for you to inhale the droplets people have emitted in the air”. -Sean, 11 years old.
- “In case someone sneeze on you it goes on the mask instead of your face”. - Kevin, 12 years old
- “The disease can go on that!” – Chris, 3 years old.

Question: Do you like to be quarantined? Do you like staying home?
- “No, ma’am”. – Ben, 7 years old.
- “It’s like a half and half situation... like for the good side I get to stay home; I get to relax and stuff but for the bad side the teachers goin’ a little bit overboard with work and I kinda miss my friends”. -Rhonda, 12 years old.
- “No, I don’t like being quarantined because I’m away from my family. I don’t like staying at home because it gets boring being stuck inside all day”. – Kevin, 12 years old.
- “No ma’am.“- Lisa, 13 years old.
- “No. I want to play on the playground” (referring to the playground at his school) – Chris, 3 years old.

Question: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when all of this is over?
- “Goin’ straight to my friends and huggin’ all of them,” said Rhonda emotionally. (12 years old)
- “Before I go out, I would praise God for protecting me through this pandemic, and for life and then I would go out and spend time with my family and friends”. – Lisa, 13 years old.
- “I want to play at my friends. Go to IMAX”. -Chris, 3 years old.

Questions: Do you believe God is able to protect us from this disease? Why?
- “Yes, I believe. Because, since we believe in God, He would protect us just like Sadrach, Meshach and Abednego, how they go into the fiery furnace? They believed in God and they knew that God would save them and that would be fine; but if God did not save them, they knew that was God’s choice and they would accept it as it is”. -Rhonda, 12 years old.
- “Yes ma’am. Firstly, God is.. God can do anything and secondly, inside 2 Corinthians 1:10, He said that He will protect us. He will bring us through any pandemic. – Lisa, 13 years old.
- “Yes! He love people!” – Chris, 3 years old.

From the interviews we can see that our children are being affected just as we as adults are or maybe in some cases even more. As we listen to their opinions on the situation. Let’s assure them of our love and support during this time. Make sure that you are taking all of the precautions necessary to ensure that you and your families are safe during these trying times and let us find hope daily in the scripture that says, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”- John 14:27.
--Mrs. Lavern A. Sturrup, Children & Adolescent Ministries Director


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