“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised”. Proverbs 31:30

Godly mothers are of great value to society; during this time each year, we pause to reflect on their invaluable role in our lives. Such mothers usually portray traits such as compassion, love, empathy, and affection. These godly characteristics often come naturally to most mothers who hold a unique place in our hearts. As we celebrate this particular day, it is essential to consider the more profound significance of motherhood beyond societal standards and fleeting beauty. The world needs mothers who are not merely in name but in every sense of the word; mothers who realize the sacredness of their work and in the strength and fear of God would take up their life mission (White, 1952).

Proverbs 31 embodies the essence of godly motherhood and serves as a guiding light, reminding us that outward appearances or worldly accolades do not solely define a mother's worth. Instead, her reverence for the Lord sets her apart and earns her lasting praise. Mothers who fear the Lord are women of immense strength and dignity whose hearts are rooted in faith and wisdom. These mothers prioritize their relationship with God, knowing that true fulfillment comes from walking in His ways. They are women of noble characters whose worth far exceeds rubies. Their hands work diligently to provide for their family, and their words are filled with kindness and wisdom. They are a beacon of light in their households, guiding, molding, refining, and polishing their children with love and grace. Additionally, these mothers lead, educate, and train their children to become disciples of Christ (White, 1952).

While some mothers' sole focus lies in providing and ensuring that their children have the latest gadgets, fashionable attire, academic excellence, successful marriages, and the list continues. A mother who fears God primary focus is more than the aforementioned. Undeniably, these ambitions are significant; they symbolize mothers' love for their children. As we ponder these aspirations, let us not overlook a truth that transcends material desires: the paramount importance of nurturing a relationship with the Lord. A god fearing mother realizes that while worldly achievements offer fleeting satisfaction, a connection with God offers enduring fulfillment, guidance, and purpose. She recognizes that a life grounded in faith ultimately exceeds the temporal pursuits of this world. As in Proverbs, she values life as a gift from God and intentionally shapes the hearts and minds of her children in ways that resonate for a lifetime.

In our churches today, let us pause and say a special prayer for those individuals who have lost their mothers this past year, those mothers who have lost a child this year, those ladies who desire to become mothers, those mothers who are having challenges with their pregnancies, and those mothers who are facing separation from their children.

Today, we also salute mothers who tirelessly pour their love and devotion into their children and their homes. May you find strength and joy in your journey of faith. May you seek God above all else, knowing that your legacy of faith will be your greatest gift to your children. Happy Mother's Day to the women who fear the Lord, for they shall be praised now and for generations to come.