Hello Prince and Princesses, Happy Sabbath! Did you know that there's something even more amazing to celebrate on this day – God's big promises for all of us, especially our friends who might be going through tough times, like orphans and kids who need a little extra love? 

Imagine a superhero with a cape made of love and a heart as big as the sky. Well, that's God! He has promises that are like the coolest superpowers, and He uses them to take care of every one of us, especially when we need it most.

First up, there's the promise of protection. It's like having a giant hug from God that keeps us safe and sound. No matter where we are, God's got our back, making sure we're shielded from anything that might try to bring us down.

Then, there's the promise of provision – that's a fancy word for making sure we have everything we need. It's like God being the best chef ever, cooking up a feast of love, kindness, and all the good stuff that makes our hearts happy. Even when things seem a little tough, God's promise of provision is like a lunchbox filled with joy and hope.

But wait, there's more! God promises to guide us, like a treasure map leading us on exciting adventures. It's like having the coolest tour guide ever, showing us the way through life's twists and turns. So, even if we don't know exactly where we're going, God's promise of guidance helps us find our path with lots of giggles and a sprinkle of courage.

Children's Day is a day to celebrate how awesome each of us is and remember that God has super-duper promises for all kids, especially those who might need an extra dose of love. So, let's celebrate, be kind to one another, and spread the love – because God's promises are like a never-ending party, and everyone's invited! 

- Sis. Kenisha Simms, CHAM’S Director, SBC