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MARCH 30, 2020


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Pastor Kenny Deveaux

Updated: MAR 20, 2020
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Dear Brothers and Sisters, first of all, I want to express my deep appreciation to you during this very challenging time in the life of our Country and World. It is encouraging and heartening to see a number of you living out your faith in real-time!

As a result of the Coronavirus, we as a Conference are experiencing issues, we would never have anticipated only a few short weeks ago. Ideas formally considered have become outdated due to the constant discussions currently being had by the wider organization and ourselves.

While this whole thing “goes against the grain” of what we as a church are all about, we believe it is time to be good neighbors in our community.

Here is an important reminder: The CHURCH is the PEOPLE! The Building is a BUILDING where the Church usually meets! For now, we're just going to do things a bit differently.

With this in mind, we are recommending the following course of action:

1. Please follow the guidelines of the Government and Health Care officials.

2. Give careful attention to social distancing measures.

3. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol when washing hands is not possible.

4. Cover your nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing. When using tissue dispose properly after each use. If none is available, use your arm or sleeve to cover your mouth.

5. Sanitize your living and work areas daily.

6. Stay at home if you are sick or have flu like symptoms.

7. Seek medical help if you have any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

8. Churches are being encouraged to move to online services.

9. Church choirs/groups practices and performances are to be discontinued until further notice.

10. All microphones are to be sanitized and handheld microphones are not to be shared.

11. Refrain from handshaking, hugging, or kissing in order to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus.

12. All auxiliary clubs and groups (Pathfinders, Adventurers, Community Services, etc.) be cancelled until further notice.

13. All services should be cancelled. Church buildings that have Air Condition should turn them off. Windows and doors should be open for sunlight and fresh air to fill the room.

14. Baptismal services should be done at the sea, and only with persons who are well. Avoid baptizing those who are at the at-risk age.

15. Funerals services and weddings are to be conducted with crowd size recommended by the Government.

16. Discontinue all Ordinances of Humility Services and the Lord’s Supper until further notice.

17. Postpone all baby blessings until further notice.

18. Discontinue all potlucks meals.

19. Properly constructed telephone protocols must be put in place to keep in contact with members. Face-to-face pastoral visits are to be minimized and telephone or electronic means used.

20. Churches that have online banking should provide their members with their account numbers to facilitate bank to bank transfers. Treasurers are to provide email addresses to members so they can state how the monies are to be distributed. Those unable to bank online should be encouraged to secure their tithe and offerings until further notice.

21. Do not panic, continue to pray for each other and for those infected, affected and quarantined because of this virus.

22. Please promote the upcoming Day of Prayer and Fasting, April 4, 2020. While we may not come together in mass, we can and should observe this very special time of prayer.

In consultation with the Atlantic Caribbean Union Officers, we would like to state that all churches in our Conference must close immediately until the end of March 2020, initially. Additional information will be forthcoming.

We are asking all pastors to have church via the Internet or online. Furthermore, point #19 must be instituted right away and especially for the next two weeks. The goal is to stay in contact with our members in spite of this challenge. You will hear more about this going forward.

“The Lord have not given a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” With Christ as our guide we will be triumphant over this present challenge and the name of God will be glorified.

Bahamians who are unemployed may use one of the Financial Assistance below
to subsidize loss of income during this COVID-19 pandemic

This assistance is for qualified unemployed persons (whether due to COVID-19 or not).

Click the link below to download the N.I.B. Unemployment Benefit Form. The form should be filled out and email to [email protected]

This assistance is for self-employed persons working in the tourism sector and have found themselves unemployed due to COVID-19.

Click the link below to access the Government-Funded Assistance. The form must be filled in online.

This assistance is for persons not qualifying for the Unemployment Benefit or Assistance.

Click the link below to download the Application for General Assistance Form. The form should be filled out and email to [email protected]

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