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Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries

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Jacqueline V. Gibson

Women’s Ministries Director

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History of Women’s Ministries

Women's Ministries was originally started in 1898 by Mrs. S. M. I. Henry who served as its first director. When Mrs. Henry died in 1900 no new director was appointed and the work begun under her died out. The idea of such a specialized ministry was taken up again beginning in 1973. Over the next 22 years the concept gained momentum. At the division level, North America began Women's Ministries in 1989 and the General Conference voted the Office of Women's Ministries at the Annual Council in 1990 under the leadership of Rose Otis. In 1995 the General Conference in Session voted that Women's Ministries should become a full department. Between 1990 and 1996 each Division established its own Women's Ministries department. Heather-Dawn Small serves as Director of the General Conference Department of Women's Ministries; Raquel Arrais is the Associate Director.

Objectives of Our Department

  1. Assess and plan programs and initiatives to meet the needs of every woman in the South Bahamas Conference.

  2. To strengthen the spiritual bond of women through prayer for and with each other.

  3. To conduct training preparation sessions, which will combine evangelism and outreach ministry.

  4. To eradicate illiteracy, and offering training for unskilled women in our local constituency.

  5. To build goodwill and provide support with women in the family of islands.
6. To create an intense experience of renewal, revival and fellowship among the women of the South Bahamas Conference.

  6. To provide nurture and support to all women, including the elderly, divorced and widows.
8. To establish a youth arm to Women’s Ministries to facilitate the continuity of its service to the Church.

More About Adventist Women's Ministries

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