Imagine walking into a basement room. No window. No light. The only thing that looms is darkness, fear, and the unexpected.

There are many who live this reality every day. The world in which they live seem to be in a constant state of darkness and fear of the unexpected. Sadly, most of them are women. Women, who for various reasons find themselves trapped in a place where windows or doors are not apparently present.

The theme chosen for The Women’s Ministries Department this year, “God’s Beloved Daughters Shining His Light, We Will Go!”, was inspired by a song by Babbie Mason. It referenced us as Christians positioning to immerse ourselves into the needs and feelings of others, helping and sharing God’s Word with them, ultimately pointing them to our Heavenly Father.

The Bible tell us in Matthew 5:16 to let our lights so shine before men (women) that they will see our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven. We, therefore, the women of the South Bahamas Conference, through the power of the Holy Spirit constantly endeavor to shine our lights though our various ministry adventures. For us this was our call to action, as we knew the only way to dispel darkness is to illuminate it with light.

Shining God’s light means having a passion for ministry.

Shining God’s light means being genuine and authentic.

Shining God’s light is visiting with our sick and at home members, bringing them cheer.

Shining God’s light is empathizing and sympathizing with bereaved families by showing our love and support in tangible ways.

Shining God’s light is meeting the needs of others, not for self-gratification, but because we are convinced that we are God’s hands and feet on this earth.

Shining God’s light is being all-inclusive, in our faith communities.

Shining God’s light is loving unconditionally, if only for the fact that God loves us, who ourselves are imperfect.

Shining God’s light means being accepting and forgiving of others.

Shining God’s light has no boundaries.

Some of the words from the song by Babbie Mason says:

Shine the light, share the faith
Show the world that Jesus is the answer
That Jesus is the way
Together we can make a difference
Be a beacon in the dark of night
Share your faith
Hold it high
Shine the light.

The prayer the women of the South Bahamas Conference, is that as we go forth in ministry, our lights will continue to shine, and our efforts would glorify God and Him alone! --Mrs. Jacqueline Gibson, Women’s Ministries Director.

This article was extracted from the Logos for May 29, 2021.