Creation Sabbath this year will be an extended weekend of discovery with guest speaker, Dr. Ryan Hayes, Professor of Chemistry at Andrews University, Michigan. 

Beginning on Thursday, October 20th at 6 pm at the Harry C. Moore Library Auditorium, University of The Bahamas, a lecture will be held on the topic: ‘No Chance for Chance: Chemical Challenges of Abiogenesis.’

On Friday, October 21st at the Bahamas Academy Chapel Service, a lecture series will be held for grades 7 – 12 under the topic: ‘The Wind's Weight: Chemical Design & Earth's Air.’

On Sabbath, October 22nd, at the Hillview Church at 11 a.m, Dr. Ryan Hayes you speak on ‘Living in the Heat: Intelligence Behind Maintenance.’ And in the afternoon at 4:30p.m. the topic will be ‘The Elephant in the Room: Earth's most overlooked Molecule.’ 

The weekend promises to be interesting. Dr Hayes has been practicing chemistry for over 30 years in both business and academia. He studies how light, heat and matter interact to understand carcinogenic molecules in burnt food and detecting minerals in food, water, and hair. Dr. & Mrs. Hayes will be in attendance, they both hosted the 3ABN Creation Crafts program in 2019 and regularly provide Chemical Design talks to churches, schools, and camps.

Watch the service by clicking here.