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This website is authored by Okell Demastus and maintained by Barrington H. Brennen. Barrington is responsible to ensuring that the website is regularly updated and is relevant to the readers. He works with Michelle Greene, Lavern Sturrup and others who assist in making sure information is regularly updated.

Okell Damastus
Author and Webdesigner
Barrington Brennen

WEBMASTERS IN TRANSITION---Patrick Wilson, Jr., and Brigette Bastian have been chosen to serve as Webmasters in Transition. They will become full webmasters when Barrington Brennen leaves in 2019.

HEADER PHOTOS---The photos used in the theme headers of this website are provided by Albert Prince Bell, professional photographer and designer. He is a member of the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wellington Street, Nassau, The Bahamas. (Photo on right).

MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHER---Bridgette Bell-Bastian has joined the staff of Adventist Media as photographer. Her skills in photo taking has brightened this website. She primarily serves as administrative assistant in the Conference office.

GROWING ACTIVITY---We are growing again. Between April 1 and December 2016, 11,500, individual have visited this website. These individuals have read a total of 60, 300 page reviews.

Here is the monthly break down of the amount of visitors to the site. Notice the growth from April to July:

  • April 2016--10 visitors
  • May 2016--851 visitors
  • June 2016--4541 visitors Due to Camp Meeting.
  • July 2016--2954 visitors

Our short term goal is to have more than 6000 visitors to this site each month. Spread the word about this site. Share it with others.

Individuals are visiting this site from 140 countries. This is growing each month. Here are a few of the countries: Bahamas, United States, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Canada, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks and Caicos, Kenya, Switzerland, Brazil, Barbados, South Africa, Guyana.

WEB ACTIVITY IN THE PAST---The first website for the South Bahamas Conference started in 1999 when Pastor Leonard Johnson was the Communication Director. In 2000 Barrington Brennen assumed management of the site and made it the leading website site in the Inter-American Division. More that 165,000 individuals visited the site each year providing more that twenty million hits.

Work in progress. Return here for updates January 3.