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Positions Available at Bahamas Academy 2018 / 2019

Image result for bahamas academyQualified persons may apply for the following positions for the 2018 - 2019 school year:

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Technical Drawing Teacher
  • Primary School Education Teacher
  • Early Childhood Education Teacher

Minimum Candidate Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree and Teacher’s Certificate. Candidates may download the application form from the conference website at and submit the completed application form along with copies of professional degrees and resume to THE CHAIRMAN, SEARCH COMMITTEE, 135 Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, Nassau, Bahamas or mail/email the completed application form, copies of professional degrees, and resume to THE CHAIRMAN, SEARCH COMMITTEE, P.O. BOX N-356, Nassau, Bahamas/ no later than July 30, 2018.

The committee reserves the right to reject the application of any or all applicants.

Office of Education

Adelaide Church is Ready to Build their First Sanctuary

What an exciting time for a little Adventist Church! Adelaide Seventh-day Adventist Church members have been worshiping under a tent for the past year and has finally gotten permission from the Ministry of Works in The Bahamas to start building their very own church building.
The church is located in one of the oldest settlements on the island of New Providence, Adelaide Village. It is truly nestled in nature. One would need to drive up to fifteen miles from down town Nassau to arrive there.

For over ten years the church has been using the Adelaide Primary School for worship services. However they recently relocated to a nearby property which was donated and have now been granted the permit to build. Currently the pastor, members and visitors enjoy fellowshipping under a tent and anticipate a ground breaking ceremony which will signal the beginning of the building process.The photo below was taken on Sabbath, July 7, 2018. Pastor Danhugh Gordon is standing with first elder, Lester Flowers and a few of the male members of the church after erecting the signage of the building permit.

Children's Ministries Speech Contest 2018

Photos below are photos taken by Media Photographer, Bridgette Bastian, on the occasion of the Children and Adolescence Ministries (CHAM) speech contest held on Sabbath afternoon, July 7. 2018, at the Living Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church. The event was coordinated by Joan Scavella, CHAM Director.

The Home: A Most Valuable Partner in Reading Education

Article By Orencia Ferril, Former Reading Specialist; Bahamas Academy

The importance of reading cannot be over emphasized.

Though not occurring involuntarily as breathing, reading nonetheless is as vital to scholastic success as breathing is for life and should be given priority. Reading must be artfully nurtured and relentlessly encouraged, especially in young children.

The home is a most valuable partner (MVP) in reading education and a fitting place at which to introduce reading and support reading mastery. Parents have at their disposal a plethora of creative ways in which to capitalize on the activities that they engage in with their child or children. Some ways include but are not limited to:

Modeling the Reading Behavior

Children tend to emulate the habits of significant adults in their lives. This fact makes modeling reading, an efficient method of nurturing great readers. Arlington & Cunningham (2007) assert that “What all children need and some need more of is modeling, explanation and demonstration of how reading is to be accomplished”.

Parents should let their children see and hear them read often. Reading aloud to children will provide them with a model of how reading sounds and an example of fluency.

Environmental Labeling

This is a time-efficient approach that is useful in developing reading ability in children. It entails labeling familiar objects in and around the home. Children will independently associate the name label with the familiar object. Mastery is attained when the word is recognized in a new setting removed from the point of introduction as in a sentence or paragraph.

Reading to Read

Reading is an activity, so children should read to read. This may be accomplished individually or with peers. The more opportunities to read that are tapped into, the more proficient the child becomes. With reading it is a matter of practice makes perfect. The greater the engagement, the easier reading becomes and the higher the confidence and skill level of the reader rises.

Parents, do your part; do it well, consistently, and passionately. If you need help, investigate resources around you. Remember, God expects us to be effective stewards of the gems He has placed in our care.

Orencia Ferril, Former Reading Specialist; Bahamas Academy

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School Shoe Drive

Give a gift so someone can walk to school with shoes on.

This is a Community Services Project of the Berea Seventh-day Adventist, Blue Hill Road, South, Nassau

You are invited to donate your child's "old" school shoes that are in good condition and has more life and wear in them. Collected shoes will be donated to persons in need for the new school term during a "Back to School Day" at the church on Blue Hill Road in August. Shoes can be dropped at the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sundays during Pathfinders Club time, Sabbaths or Wednesday evening services until the August 19, 2018. Please give only what you would like to receive.

New Shoes and donations welcomed. You can donate any usable shoes, tennis or slippers. Any size, color or style. If it is not the right shoe for school it will be given to those who need shoes for other occasions. Thank you. For more information, contact Dr. Monique Mitchell at 802-3668 or at

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