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1) Thompson Trading on Shirley Street is looking for young men to fill the vacancies for truck drivers and warehouse helpers. Apply within.

2). *PIZZA HUT* - is looking for DRIVERS. Successful Candidates MUST HAVE a Valid Drivers Licence and a Reliable and insured transportation. Interested Persons can email or call 603-3333.

3). *Warwrick Hotel, Paradise Island* is hiring NOW at vatious positions. Interested persons are asked to take their résumé to the security checkpoint or call 363-2560.

4). *Bamboo Shack* - in less than two months, Bamboo Shack will be opening their first International Branch in Miami Gardens!! Beginning at 10am on Monday, August 15th and Wednesday, August 17th, 2016, Bamboo Shack will host a job fair and recruitment exercise at Career Source. They are seeking honest, reliable, hard working employees for the following positions:
  • Receptionist/Office Clerk
  • Accounts Clerk/Inventory Specialist
  • Cooks
  • Bakers
  • Cashiers
  • Shift Supervisors
  • Food Processors
  • Pantry Workers
  • Floor Assistants
  • Janitor
*Must have proper authorization to be gainfully employed in the US*

5). *College of the Bahamas* - is now in the process of hiring Security Officers. Anyone interested should apply through the college. Mr. Glen Miller is chief of security.

6). *Marriott Hotels Canada* - needs new workers which careers suite into this JOB categories:
  • Stewards
  • Nurses
  • Technicians
  • Fashion designers •Comedians and Entertainers
  • Models
  • Actors
  • Dancers
  • Medical doctor
  • Artisans
  • Mechanics
  • Engineer
  • Cleaners
  • Washers
  • Security
  • Club Bouncers
  • Catering supervisor
  • Cooks
  • Receptionist
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Store Keeper
  • Landscape & graphic designer
  • Computer Engineering •Professional massage •Professional Chauffeurs •Driver
  • Housekeeping
  • Professional Beauticians •Professional Gardener and florist
  • Gym and exercise instructors
Hotel Management will be responsible for the payment of his/her air ticket and accommodation, so if you are interested you can contact us immediately With your C.V. at this below e-mail address for more information you may need.

Work in progress. Return here for updates January 3.